Furminator Treatment

Improve the appearance of your pet and your environment with the FURminator shed-less treatment ... a special anti-shedding treatment that dramatically reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted pet hair.

The secret to the FURminator treatment is a patent-pending tool designed to stop the shedding where it begins in the undercoat of your pet. This revolutionary grooming device utilizes a unique blade that removes loose hair while leaving your pet with a shiny and healthy coat.
    What is the FURminator shed-less treatment?    
Starts with a massaging bath to separates the pet's coat
and stimulates the hair follicles.
The FURminator deShedding solution is applied.
This specially formulated all-natural solution helps to loosen
the undercoat and loose hair.
A high velocity dryer separates and eliminates the excess coat
and loose hair on your pet. This targeted blow drying process
is followed by thorough brushing and combing.
The special FURminator tool is then used to extract loose hair
and undercoat from your pet ...
leaving only the shiny and healthy top coat.
    How long does the shed-less treatment last?    
    Studies have shown the FURminator treatment can reduce
shedding of pets for about four to six weeks. 
(Shedding periods may vary depending on the breed and general health of your pet).

   Recommended by Veterinarians

   Designed for long and short haired pets

   Less mess and stress for you and your pet

   Recommended by doctors for people with allergies

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