It depends on the pet as to how much time is taken by trained professional groomers. Since each dog is different based on size, coat, health and even attitude, one must consider all factors during the grooming process. Generally, it takes a lot of care and patience to groom a dog, especially a fluffy one, or one with behavioural issues.


Our professional groomers work with various dogs and each of our clients wants something slightly different for their pet, hence it is difficult to assume a specific length of time since each grooming experience is unique and customized to the needs of your pet. 


A professional grooming session usually consists of a dog being bathed, dried and brushed as well as trimming and clipping of nails. The professional groomers will brush and comb mats before the bath, making it easy for the groomer to lather the dog with the shampoo. Then the groomer will clean the dog’s ear to remove buildup and ensure that there isn’t any infection. At the end, when the dog coat is dried, he will be trimmed, clipped and will be styled according to the needs of the clients.


Grooming a dog on a regular schedule of every 4-5 weeks may take less than a couple of hours and mostly depends on the style of cut. 


It’s also necessary to note that groomers, including our own expert groomers, are not miracle workers. It depends on whether you want to brush and comb your dog in between grooming appointments to not go through the process of matting. 


Usually, most dogs can be bathed and blow-dried in less than an hour. However, many professional groomers offer additional services, including the health check, styling, trimming and clipping that will require extra time. 


The first grooming appointment might be quite lengthy, particularly if we’re handling a dog who has behavioural issues because we want the dog to feel comfortable and gain the trust of the grooming staff. With a gentle touch, groomers hopeful the dog will learn the grooming process as an enjoyable experience and not something to fear.