Pet Grooming

Professional pet grooming

Looking for pet grooming services for your dog or cat? Pawfect Spa is a specialized pet grooming salon on Avenue Road, serving clients in the Greater Toronto Area. We make it our goal to take care of your pets, pampering them while protecting their health. After all, they deserve the best. We provide a wide variety of services from many breeds. Pawfect Spa specializes in hair styling using hand scissoring techniques to ensure your dog or cat has a show quality trim.

What pet grooming services do we offer? 

You can pick between a deluxe bath package or a full groom package. The deluxe bath package includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, basic brushing, pad trimming, and hand fluff drying. The full groom package includes all services from the deluxe bath package in addition to hair trimming by hand scissoring. We also have a shedless treatment where our stylist will give your pet a bath with a de-shedding solution. Afterwards, we brush your dog or cat to extract loose dead hairs. We also have special services that you can ask about such as pet hair colouring, teeth brushing, hair detangling and dematting, plus much more.

Why select us for pet grooming?

  • We have over 17 years of experience grooming different pets. Our groomers are trained and certified with a Certified Master Groomer from IPG on site. We assign a stylist for each pet, so your dog or cat grooming will get one on one grooming. 
  • We have a loading zone for easy pick-up and drop-off. You can leave your pet with us and return after we finish grooming him or her. If you need to leave your pet for longer, there is a daycare option. 
  • We conduct a consultation to learn about you and your pet or pets. Our prices are competitive. The cost will vary depending on the size and breed of your pet as well as other factors. You can see a list of services and prices on our website. 
  • We can customize the grooming services. Each grooming station is partitioned, so your dog or cat gets personal service in the right sized room. As such, your pet is pampered in a stress-free environment with the right products and tools. 
  • We never use any sedation or tranquillizers. Our team will give your pet the best treatment possible. Rest assured they are in good hands. 

Testimonials from our clients about our pet grooming services: 

“Thank you Pawfect Spa. The grooming services are fantastic. My pets enjoy going here, and I’ve always had a positive experience with everyone working there. I would recommend them if you have a pet, especially a dog or a cat.”

-Katie S. 

“The groomers at Pawfect Spa have done a wonderful job taking care of my pets. My family and friends continue to use their pet grooming services. The price is reasonable as well.”

-Emily W. 

“I enjoy going to Pawfect Spa, and so do my pets. They look great afterwards. I have been a repeat customer for a while now. The grooming services are top notch.”

-Brittany I.

Learn more about pet grooming. 

Feel free to give us a call at 416-962-7721 or send an email to [email protected]. We can answer your questions about pet grooming.