Pet grooming is an essential element in making your dog look and feel good. With changing times, the dog grooming goes beyond the usual brushing and bathing. Nowadays, professional pet groomers are dedicated to taking care for the well-being of your pet and hence provides thorough and professional dog grooming service which includes:


  • General Health check:

In the dog grooming service, professional dog groomers will conduct an overall check of your pet to ensure that they aren’t anything that is serious and needs medical attention, such as cuts, swelling, heat or any behavioural change. The groomers will also check to ensure that your dog’s eyes are bright and clear, their teeth aren’t broken and their ears are odourless and clean. The general health check also includes examining of dog’s skin, coat, pads and nails to see if there is an infection. 


  • Eye and Ear Cleaning:

Along with the general checkup, the professional; groomers will also make sure that your dog’s eye is clear of any dirt or mucus. The groomers will also ensure that the ars are cleans as well and will also trim any hair inside if required. 


  • Bath and Shampoo:

After examining your dog’s health. The groomers will bathe and shampoo your dog with a pet-friendly shampoo to clean their coat and remove any debris or dirt on their skin


  • Hair Removal, Brushing and Styling:

After the dog is properly bathed and dried, their hair will be brushed and trimmed to remove any excess amount of hair. It depends on the breed of the dog, to select the hairstyle, as they’re a lot of different options on how your dog’s hair will be cut. 


  • Nail Trimming 

Trimming a dog’s nail is important to their health and well-being. Usually, professional dog groomers will trim the dog’s nail using clippers to keep nails healthy. 

The professional Dog groomers are committed to taking care of your dog and ensure that they are healthy and are feeling good.