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Professional Dog Grooming Salon in Toronto

elsie tang, certified master groomer by ipg

With over 10 years of professional pet grooming experience, Elsie has a strong passion for animals. Her expertise in Hand Scissoring Techniques and dedication to high quality standards have contributed to her success in Pawfect Spa, the award-winning grooming salon. Prior to being a business owner in pet grooming, Elsie was a computer programming consultant after graduating from University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Math in Computer Science.

Our Certifications

our speciality

We specialize in pet styling by Hand Scissoring Techniques in order to deliver every pet trim to as close as a show quality trim as possible.

our company

Our Feautures

We offer the following unique features in our grooming salon:

  • One-on-one grooming service (one stylist to one pet)
  •  Stress free environment 
  • Each grooming station is partitioned. Your pet deserves personalized service in an individual spa room
  • No tranquillizer / sedation
  • Show quality trims by Hand Scissoring Techniques

Looking For A Professional?

Our team of certified stylists takes great care about your pets appearance as well as protecting their health and safety.

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Tuesday-Sunday 9 am – 6 pm
Last appointment 3 pm
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