Owning a pet is one of the most enjoyable ways to live a peaceful and fulfilled life. Several pets, such as dogs, offer companionship, true and unconditional love, along with much other remedial support for owners. Here at our Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique, we couldn’t agree more and we want to help you care for your pup.

What dog doesn’t deserve a little special care every now and again? Whether that means a fresh haircut for spring or an indulgent manicure, you can be certain your dog will be treated with respect and compassion each and every time they get grooming services by us!

The Dog Groomers in Toronto aim for a comfortable and pleasant experience for both you and your pet. The groomers ensure that there is an open environment where your pets feel relaxed without being anxious. To make your dog feel more comfortable, groomers work One-on-One with each dog from beginning to end to provide quality service and build friendships. To ensure that all our clients encounter a lively and engaging environment, groomers have facilities that have partitioned spa rooms, organized for a stress-free experience, more spacious rooms with heavy-duty equipment for larger breeds and smaller rooms for the mini delicate breeds. All the grooming services are offered by an experienced and certified groomer, experienced in dog grooming for all breeds, temperaments, and styles.

  • Full Grooming Services: 

A full groom service for your pet includes the following services: nails cut and grind,  ears cleaned and plucked, health checkup, hair from pads of feet clipped and cleaned out, bath with pet-friendly quality shampoo and conditioner customized to your dog’s skin, full-body hair cut and brushing, along with fluff drying, nail trimming, hair clipping and other services to clean up the overall look.

  • Tidy-up and Special Baths:

A tidy-up service is everything listed in a full groom except the full body hair cut. This is a great option to help manage and maintain a dog’s length in between grooms or to keep your dog with a longer coat. 

  • Simple Bath and Brush:

A bath and brush, simple as that – a bath, a full blow-drying and a brush out. This service is a perfect option for clients whose dogs get super dirty and just need a little cleanup and touch up.

  • Special Treatments:

Professional groomers provide specialized treatments on request of their clients and give services such as Nail trimming, Pedicures, Brushing of teeth and other services according to different breeds of dogs. 

The dog groomers in Toronto ensure that their goal is to work with clients and their pets in helping them understand why and how dog grooming is so essential and necessary to maintain dogs’ comfort and health. Apart from making the dogs feel good and look good, groomers aim to create a grooming schedule where the dog grooming is manageable both at home and between visits to the groomer. 

Whether your dog requires a fresh haircut, collar, or coat, contact us today for a free estimate!